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The Cornell Roosevelt Institute is Cornell University's premier student-run think tank that empowers students by providing them with a platform to publish and circulate their policy ideas. Members write policy proposals and op-eds for publication and contribute to political advocacy and outreach projects. Through Cornell Roosevelt's affiliation with the Roosevelt Network, a nation-wide network of over 140 universities, student policy proposals are also eligible for national publication.

Recent Blog Posts

The Future of Food

At a turning point for the future of the planet, CRISPR/Cas9 is the solution needed to effectively improve the sustainability of the global food supply. The United Nations in a recent interim report has stated 2021 will be a "make or break" year, and a focus on climate action is needed. Using the available novel technologies to combat these challenges through innovation is key to achieve this.

New York’s Ambitious Climate Change Path

The summer of 2019 saw New York pass the nation's most ambitious climate change bill, being signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Over a year later, these lofty goals still seem out of reach. However, several pathways to meeting them and helping stave off the disastrous effects of climate change are taking shape. Yet, the question still remains, how will they continue to look in the future?

Wildfires and a Pandemic: A Double Threat to Incarcerated Firefighters

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Recently, the news has focused on the raging wildfires in California, the carceral state of the country, and the COVID-19 pandemic. While these stand-alone problems are each detrimental in their own right, these three problems combined illustrate much of what is wrong with our country today: economic inequality, a mishandled pandemic, racial disparities, climate change, and issues within the criminal justice system.

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