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The Cornell Roosevelt Institute is a student-run think tank that promotes progressive thought and engages students to generate policy ideas. Members write policy proposals for publication and complete policy advocacy and educational projects.

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Specialized High Schools: A Cover For NYC’s Failing Education System?

Brooklyn Technical High School is one of New York City's specialized high schools. In the past few years, issues of socio-economic diversity have been raised within the high school.

NYC’s specialized high schools act as a microcosm for the debate surrounding diversity and access to education. An analysis of the process to enter these elite public schools can help us reflect on our values and how to change our education system for the better.

Evaluating Educators Using Standardized State Exams Will Not Make America Catch Up

Picture of a typical bubble answer sheet for a multiple choice examination

As America continues to lag behind other countries in the academic arms race, politicians scapegoat teachers for low student performance. However, evaluating teachers based on students’ standardized test scores is ineffective, unfair, and actually hinders learning.

The Case for Cooperation - South China Sea and Beyond

A section of islands in the South China Sea.

After years of tensions with China, it may be time to try a different tactic. South-East Asian countries may have a lot to gain from a stable cooperative relationship with an increasingly powerful China.

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