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The Cornell Roosevelt Institute is a student-run think tank that promotes progressive thought and engages students to generate policy ideas. Members write policy proposals for publication and complete policy advocacy and educational projects. If you're a Cornell undergraduate interested in joining us, you can find our application here. We are accepting applications until Wednesday, September 18th at 9pm.

Recent Blog Posts

The Black Sheep that is Hong KongA Discussion of Western Hypocrisy & The Wider Clash Through Huntington

July 1st, 2019. Provided by AFP

As the clash between the United States and China rages on, we can see how Hong Kong can be viewed as a poster child for a greater civilizational rift that both follows and transcends geopolitical rivalries.

Unlocking Opportunities through Addressing World’s Greatest ChallengeThe Case of Corporate Sustainability

While traditional notions of economic prosperity is commonly associated negatively with environmental integrity, 21st century corporations with the power to induce growth can, should, and must bring about a new type of sustainable prosperity that also help to address our increasingly worrisome climate concerns.

Clearing a Political Traffic JamCan Congestion Pricing Save MTA?

Image courtesy of Mike Point/Getty Images North America

The debate over how best to bolster MTA funds is among the most contentious in New York politics. That congestion pricing will soon be a reality is a testament to a shifting paradigm, and an appreciation for the urgency with which we must repair the city’s economic engine.

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