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The Cornell Roosevelt Institute is a student-run think tank that promotes progressive thought and engages students to generate policy ideas. Members write policy proposals for publication and complete policy advocacy and educational projects.

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“...But the gift of life remains”Fire Wreaks Havoc in California as Thousands are Displaced (with Reconstruction Far Out of Sight)

Image tweeted in response to President Trump's criticism of California forest management

Toward the end of the week of November 5th, a series of wildfires began to tear through Northern and Southern California. Over a quarter of a million people have been forced to evacuate as the fires rage through the state, threatening everything from personal homes to famous Hollywood sets.

The Giant in the East Paves a New Green FutureChina's Rise as the New Leader in Renewable Energy

Forbidden City, Beijing, PRC

With America's de facto abdication from global leadership in the transition away from fossil fuels, China takes the mantle as the new leader in renewable energy production.

Your Cashier at McDonald’s is Earning MoreHere’s Why You Should Be Concerned


The US is experiencing a historically tight labor market, which has resulted in increased wages and benefits for low-skilled employees. This trend, however, is ultimately unsustainable.

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