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Abigail Cundiff's Picture

Abigail Cundiff

Abigail is a sophomore history and economics double major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is on the e-board for the Cornell Global Economics and Finance Society and a brother of Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. She hopes to attend law school in the future. This past summer she was a trial unit intern at the US Securities and Exchange Commission in Chicago.

Ahmed El Sammak's Picture

Ahmed El Sammak

I am a sophomore in the college of arts and sciences, majoring in Government and minoring in Public Policy and Law and Society. I am a member of the Advocacy Center in the Cornell Roosevelt Institute. Additionally, I am a writer for the Undergraduate Law Review, a news reporter for the Daily Sun, an analyst and editor with the International Affairs Review, and a member of the Speech and Debate Society

Aidan Denver-Moore's Picture

Aidan Denver-Moore

I am a sophomore from Red Bank, New Jersey, currently studying as a Government major, minoring in International Relations and Inequality Studies.

Aneil Gill's Picture

Aneil Gill

Aneil Gill is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, intending to major in Government and History with a minor in Policy Analysis and Management. In addition to his work with the Roosevelt Institute, Aneil also contributes to various clubs and publications on campus, analyzing both domestic and foreign policy.

Aren Moss's Picture

Aren Moss

Aren is a sophomore from Brooklyn, NY majoring in Policy Analysis and Management. He writes for the Education center with a focus on the public school system.

Ashni Verma's Picture

Ashni Verma

Ashni Verma is a sophomore studying Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. As the Education Center Director, her current interests lie with establishing economic, racial, and gender equity in higher education.

Benjamin Feldman's Picture

Benjamin Feldman

Ben Feldman, class of '22, is a Government major in the College of Arts and Sciences. He also competes on the Cornell Speech team and is a member of the Political Union

Benjamin Wang's Picture

Benjamin Wang

Catherine Gorey's Picture

Catherine Gorey

Catherine is a sophomore in the College of Human Ecology majoring in Human Development. She is interested in communications and advocacy, specifically in issues affecting women and children. In addition to her involvement with the Roosevelt Institute, Catherine is a communications assistant for the College of the Arts & Sciences, a member of the Greek Culture Change Coalition sexual violence project team, and participates in on-campus research.

David Leynov's Picture

David Leynov

David Leynov is a second-year ILR student interested in collective representation and promoting democracy in the workplace.

Dylan Nezaj's Picture

Dylan Nezaj

Dylan Nezaj is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and Government and minoring in Applied Economics and Management and Law and Society. He is the Economic Policy Center Director, and of particular interest to him are energy and environmental policy, international political economy, public finance, and congressional affairs. On campus, he is also the Director of Communications for the Cornell University ACLU, the Vice President of Finances for the Pi Lambda Sigma pre-government professional society, and a staff writer for the Cornell Diplomat.

Elena Messinger's Picture

Elena Messinger

Elena is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Government and American Studies. Her specific policy interests include sexual education reform and reproductive health issues.

Elia Morelos's Picture

Elia Morelos

Elia Morelos is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in American Studies and English, with minors in Inequality Studies and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Within the education sector, she is interested in focusing on intersectional issues found in the field, especially those concerning how students of color and low-income students are affected by the system and the outside forces that impact them. Outside of Roosevelt, she holds positions on the executive boards of the First Generation Student Union and Haven.

Emmy Chen's Picture

Emmy Chen

Emmy Chen is a junior majoring in Government and minoring in Inequality Studies, Public Policy, and Information Science. She is passionate about human and civil rights and focuses on how social institutions and processes exacerbate inequities in outcome, as well as how to design effective policy solutions for social problems. She is the current Senior Policy Chairman, and was formerly the Director for the Center of Domestic Policy here at Roosevelt.

Eric Lee's Picture

Eric Lee

Eric is a sophomore in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations concentrating in Government with minors in History and International Relations. He hosted a panel on the Catalan independence and its impact on Europe in 2017 and as an analyst in the foreign policy center at the Roosevelt Institute, he is particularly interested in the geopolitics of East Asia and Europe. Last summer, Eric headed to Renmin University to study Mandarin and Chinese energy policy for a month. He enjoys long walks on the beach and a nice nap once in a while.

Evan Johnson's Picture

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson is a junior Policy Analysis and Management major and Law & Society and Business minor. She is a Foreign Policy Analyst for the Roosevelt Institute, News Chair for SWIB, and has held several leadership positions within her sorority, the Alpha Phi Fraternity.

Evin Rothschild's Picture

Evin Rothschild

Evin is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a biological sciences major and planning on minoring in public policy. In addition to writing for the healthcare policy section of Roosevelt Institute, Evin is a member of the Cornell Women’s Club Lacrosse Team, is involved with biology research on campus, and is the risk manager for her sorority.

Garry Blum's Picture

Garry Blum

Analyst in the Economic Center. My expected major is Philosophy and Mathematics with a concentration in Economics. Junior National Gold Medalist in Judo.

Geneva Saupe's Picture

Geneva Saupe

Geneva Saupe is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Government and Comparative Literature. She is from Tucson, AZ and Madison, WI, and in her free time enjoys hiking, being outside, and reading fiction.

Giancarlo Valdetaro's Picture

Giancarlo Valdetaro

Hannah Ritter's Picture

Hannah Ritter

Hannah is a freshman studying industrial labor relations. In addition to being an Analyst for the Education Center, she is a member of the Cornell ACLU, COLA, and Cornell Class Notes A Cappella group.

Hassaan Bin Sabir 's Picture

Hassaan Bin Sabir

Born and raised in Pakistan, Hassaan is currently pursuing majors in Government and History with a minor in Arabic. His policy interests center on South Asia and the Middle East, with a broader focus on the structural impediments to development and modernization in the developing world.

Isabella Harnick's Picture

Isabella Harnick

Bella Harnick is a sophomore in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, majoring in Policy Analysis and Management. She is particularly interested in studying healthcare, demography, and inequality. Outside of the Roosevelt, she is also involved in the Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council, Human Ecology’s Ambassador Program, the United Nations Association of the United States at Cornell’s Research Team, and Hillel’s Social Justice Committee.

Jack Carlos Mindich's Picture

Jack Carlos Mindich

Jack Mindich is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences planning to major in Government. He joined the Roosevelt Institute in the fall of 2017 and first became Foreign Policy Center Director for the 2018 spring semester.

Jack Ross-Pilkington's Picture

Jack Ross-Pilkington

Jack Ross-Pilkington is a sophomore in the ILR school. His primary interests include economic (primarily fiscal) policy, politics in New York State, and labor relations.

Jae Chang's Picture

Jae Chang

Jae is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Government and China and Asia Pacific Studies. His main interests are in US-China affairs, Chinese regional power in East Asia, and the nuclear politics of the Korean peninsula. He is also a writer for the Cornell Diplomat Magazine.

Jed Kaiser's Picture

Jed Kaiser

Jed Kaiser is a sophomore in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, majoring in Biology and Society and minoring in Business and Health Policy. His primary interests include the social, political, economic, and cultural determinants of health, and how each can be addressed through policy. In addition to his involvement with the Roosevelt Institute, Jed is Executive Vice President of the Class of 2021 Council, and a member of CUTonight, Cornell Surgical Society, Cornell Hillel, and a fraternity on campus.

Jin Mo Koo's Picture

Jin Mo Koo

I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Government and History. I'm also a member of the Cornell Speech and Debate Society and the Cornell Political Union.

Josiah Kek's Picture

Josiah Kek

Josiah is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics. He is a foreign policy analyst with a keen interest in the Asia-Pacific region. Beyond Roosevelt Institute, Josiah is a business analyst at Cornell Venture Capital and a member of Beta Theta Pi.

Julie Gilbertsen's Picture

Julie Gilbertsen

Julie is a sophomore in the College of Human Ecology, majoring in Human Development and minoring in Policy Analysis and Management and Inequality studies. Her main interest is the intersection of law and psychology, specifically within the subject of criminology. Outside of Roosevelt Institute, she is a member of Globemed and a research assistant for the Purpose and Identity Processes Lab.

Justin Wang's Picture

Justin Wang

Justin is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences intending to major in Government and Philosophy. In the Education Center he is interested in policy concerning higher education. He hopes to one day attend law school.

Karim Farhat's Picture

Karim Farhat

Karim, class of '22, is an Economics major in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a Foreign Policy Analyst for the Roosevelt Institute and is known for his love of the Middle East and all its intricacies.

Keelin Kelly's Picture

Keelin Kelly

Keelin is a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences double majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences and Development Sociology with minors in Climate Change and Inequality Studies.

Kevin Li's Picture

Kevin Li

Kevin is a junior from Shanghai, China studying Environmental & Sustainability Sciences at Cornell, with minors in Applied Economics, Business, International Relations, and Climate Change. He is interested in understanding the complex and multi-disciplinary policy, economic, and business implications behind climate change — the biggest challenge of our time.

Kevin Zong's Picture

Kevin Zong

Kevin Zong is a sophomore majoring in Government and minoring in Public Policy. He is a foreign policy analyst with passions for Asian and Middle Eastern politics. On campus, he is also involved with research on Chinese politics, Asian-American Intervarsity, and the Assorted Aces Dance Team.

Lang Ming's Picture

Lang Ming

Lang is a math major sophomore and Telluride Scholar in the Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences. Dedicated to advancing public discourse, she is also an active member of the Cornell Speech and Debate Society.

Liel Sterling's Picture

Liel Sterling

Lindsey Dahms-Nolan's Picture

Lindsey Dahms-Nolan

Lindsey is a sophomore in ILR. In addition to being an analyst in the Domestic Policy center, she is a captain of Cornell's policy debate team and works with students in the local Ithaca community.

Lisa Yu's Picture

Lisa Yu

Lisa is a Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology. In addition to her interest in public health policy and writing for the Roosevelt Center, she is also involved in Cornell Wushu, Forté Campus, and creating a pollinator pathway on campus called the Botanic Buzzline Project.

Marie Ceske's Picture

Marie Ceske

Marie is a junior in the college of Arts and Sciences studying Government and English. She currently serves as the Education Policy Center Director.

Matthew D'Ambrosio's Picture

Matthew D'Ambrosio

Matt D'Ambrosio is a junior in CALS majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. He has a particular interest in wildlife, conservation, and public engagement. Matt also writes for the campus humor magazine, The Cornell Lunatic, where he is Executive-Editor, and during the school year he works in the Sparks Stable Isotope Lab. Engage in witty banter with him at [email protected]

Matthew Ponticiello's Picture

Matthew Ponticiello

Matthew Ponticiello is a Global and Public Health major in CALS with minors in Spanish and Inequality Studies. While Matthew has a number of passions related to health and medicine he is most interested in health equity and creating policy that addresses health disparities.

Nicole Sochaczevski's Picture

Nicole Sochaczevski

Nicole is a Junior pursuing a major in Industrial and Labor Relations as well as minors in Policy Analysis and Management, Inequality Studies, and Law and Society. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in education policy.

Nikhil Dhingra's Picture

Nikhil Dhingra

Nikhil is a junior in the ILR School. He is a member of the Rawlings Presidential Scholars program, using grant money to conduct research on sanctuary city policies with Professor Shannon Gleeson within ILR. Outside of the classroom, Nikhil serves as the Committee Co-Chair for the Community Service Committee within ILR Student Government, serves as an Associate Editor for the Cornell Business Review, and is an active brother of Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. In his free time, Nikhil enjoys to read and spend time with friends. You can reach Nikhil at [email protected]

Rachel Armstrong's Picture

Rachel Armstrong

Rachel Armstrong is a sophomore in the school of Human Ecology at Cornell University, majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society and minoring in Healthcare Policy. She is particularly interested in community health outreach and healthcare inequality. Outside of Roosevelt, Rachel is a test writer for Science Olympiad, a brother of APO, a community service fraternity, and involved in the Cornell Tradition.

Samantha Lustig's Picture

Samantha Lustig

Samantha Lustig is a sophomore in the ILR school. Her policy interests include criminal justice, voting rights, and technology's impact on the workforce. In addition to her involvement in the Roosevelt Institute, she is the chair of the Cornell Student Assembly's City and Local Affairs Committee and a black belt in taekwondo.

Samara Jacobson's Picture

Samara Jacobson

Samara is a junior majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations with a minor in Business. Outside of Roosevelt, Samara conducts independent research on the effects of unionization on charter schools, writes for the Cornell Undergraduate Law and Society Review, and is active in a social sorority. This past summer, she interned for Congressman Eliot Engel, the Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in his Capitol Hill Office.

Seth Kim's Picture

Seth Kim

Shraddha Harshvardhan's Picture

Shraddha Harshvardhan

Shraddha Harshvardhan, known as Rad, is majoring in Policy Analysis and Management, with minors in Business and Inequality Studies. She is particularly interested in immigration policy. Outside of the Roosevelt Institute, she is in a consulting club, student government, and a social sorority.

Stella Linardi's Picture

Stella Linardi

Stella Linardi is a first-year student in the Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University. Her interests lie in politics, law, and domestic policy. In addition to being an analyst for the Domestic Policy center, Stella is a part of the Cornell University American Civil Liberties Union and is active in a social sorority.

Stephannie Chen's Picture

Stephannie Chen

Stephannie is a Senior at the ILR School minoring in Economics and Business. Outside of Roosevelt, Stephannie volunteers with a first grade class at Fall Creek Elementary school and is working on her honors thesis: The Impact of Head Start on Maternal Employment. She has also previously conducted research on strategic HR applications to public schools and verbatim/gist differences in sexual assault legislation. This past summer, Stephannie worked at Gartner as a Research Analyst.

Sydney Eisenberg's Picture

Sydney Eisenberg

Sydney Eisenberg is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences studying French and Economics with a minor in Law & Society. Her interests lie in politics, government spending, and public policy. In addition to her work as a policy analyst for the Cornell Roosevelt Institute, Sydney is an operations analyst for Cornell DEBUT Biomedical Engineering project team and an undergraduate consultant for Introduction to Computing Using Python. She is also a member of the Big Red Marching Band and a brother of the pre-law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta.

Templechukwu Anyasi's Picture

Templechukwu Anyasi

Templechukwu Anyasi, Class 0f 2022, is a student in the College of Arts & Sciences from Brooklyn, NY. He is an intended Economics major. He is currently an Education Policy Analyst at the Cornell Roosevelt Institute. His interests include learning new languages, studying cities, and the public education system.

Vanessa Olguin's Picture

Vanessa Olguin

Vanessa is a freshman majoring in Government and China Asia-Pacific Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a member of the Cornell Political Union, Cornell International Affairs Society, and CUACLU. She also volunteers in the Ithaca Community as Cultural Coordinator for Ithaca Welcomes Refugees. She hopes to attend foreign service school and/or law school in the future.

Vidushi Tripathi's Picture

Vidushi Tripathi

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Aaron Berman

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Aaron Gottesfeld

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Abhinav Vijay

Abigail Chen's Picture

Abigail Chen

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Abigail Hiller

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Abshir Esse

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Ackel Braide

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Adam Shelepak

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Aditya Bhardwaj

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Adrian Jones

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Agrippa Kellum

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Ahyoung Kim-Lee

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Alex Fields

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Alex Goldstein

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Alex Gomez

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Alex Green

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Alex Gugliuzza

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Alex Iglesias

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Alex Pundyk

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Alexander Chakrin

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Alexander Gomez

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Alexander Iglesias

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Alexander Maisel

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Alexandra Klein

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Alison Molchadsky

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Alison Schonberg

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Alissa Peterson

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Allen Chen

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Amy Kim

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Andjela Cirko

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Andres Loretdemola

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Andrew Strauss

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Angelica Culio

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Angelica Cullo

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Anita Li

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Anna Grosshans

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Anna Malinowski

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Anna Kambhampaty

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Annie Bui

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Arielle Tannin

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Arwa Ali

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Austin Opatmy

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Basirat Owe

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Beccy Suh

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Ben Krapels

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Berke Gursoy

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Blake Michael

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Brad DeSanctis

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Brendan Denvir

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Catherine Hwang

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Chad Stephenson

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Charles Paton

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Chris Hamlin

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Chris Harvey

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Christina Yin

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Christopher Cho

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Christopher Hanna

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Claire (Kailai) Xiong

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Clay Davis

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Crispinus Lee

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Dan Cohanpour

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Daneille Charpentier

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Daniel Huynh

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Daniel Oudolsky

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Danielle Charpentier

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Danielle Grossman

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Danielle Ragin

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David Melly

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David Rubin

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David Taylor

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David Wang

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Deborah Egbo

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Delphi Cleaveland

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Derrick Rice

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Dhruv Gupta

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Dhruv Kumar

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Dylan Cicero

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Dylan Scott

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Elaine Jaworski

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Elizabeth Chi

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Elizabeth Clarke

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Elizabeth Leape

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Elizabeth Zelko

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Ellie Politi

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Emil Kunkin 

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Emily Bramhall

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Emily Silfkin

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Emma Johnston

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Emma Sahn

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Emmy Shearer

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Eric Sibbald

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Ethan Skelskie

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Frances Yang

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Frank Sun

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Gabe Kaufman

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Gabriel Kaufman

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Gabriella Johnston

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Gail Fletcher

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Garrison Lovely

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Gavin Zhang

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Gideon Teitel

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Girisha Arora

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Griffin Schnitzer

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Hamdan Al Yousefi

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Hanna Blunden

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Hannah Cashen

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Hannah Hyams

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Harichandana Karne

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Hazel Guardado

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Henry Graney

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Henry Kanengiser

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Hilary Gelfond

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Hilary Yu

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Holly Grace

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Hunter Bosson

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Ignacio Garcia Conway

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Jack Polizzi

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Jack Robbins

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Jackson Cherner

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Jackson Weber

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Jacob Barnes

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Jady Wei

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Jared Siegel

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Jatin Khanna

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Jeffery Kim

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Jeffrey Kim

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Jenna Zitomer

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Jennifer Eppinger

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Jennifer Kim

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Jennifer Zahn

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Jenny Xie

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Jihee Lee

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Jill Sternthal

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Jineet Patel

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John Lemp

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Jon Levitan

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Jonathan Leitman

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Jordan Jackson

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Jordan Roga

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Josh Mark

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Joshua Mark

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Joshua Roth

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Julia Heyman

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Julia Malits

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Julia Pascale

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Julia Saltzman

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Julie Gokhman

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Justin Cheng

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Justin Welfeld

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Kartik Ramkumar

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Kathy Lin

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Kavin Lam

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Kayleigh Rubin

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Kaylin Greene

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Keenan Ashbrook

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Kelly Bender

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Kelly McClure

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Kelly Xu

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Kelsey Clough

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Kiara Butler

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Kiersten Rhodes

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Kwane Newton

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Kyle Datoush

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Kyle Oefelein

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Lala Xu

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Laura Brigham

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Layla Hood

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Leor Ginzburg

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Lexi McCool

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Liam Berigan

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Lorenzo de Simone

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Lucas Berger

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Lucas Dodge

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Lucy Arnold

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Lucy Dean Stockton

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Luka Jankovic

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Lydia Holley

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Lydia Zheng

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Maddie Cripps

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Malavika Madgavkar

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Mallory Shipe

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Mandira Talwar

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Marc Alessi

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Marc Getzoff

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Margaret McGrane

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Marion Panepento

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Mason Miller

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Matthew Anticoli

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Matthew Hersman

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Matthew McGee

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Max Segal

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Max Zimmerman

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Meghan Flyke

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Melissa Giangrande

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Michael Alter

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Michael Crovetto

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Michele Pothen

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Michelle Xiong

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Mohamed Eltagouri

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Morgan Greene

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Natasha Herrick

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Nate Jara

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Nethan Reddy

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Nicholas Curcio

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Nicholas Kaye

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Nicole Feibelman

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Nisma Gabobe

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Olivia Quill

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Ossy Onumonu

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Pat Casey

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Perry Davidoff

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Philip Susser

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Phoebe Keller

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Pulkit Kashyap

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Puneet Brar

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Raphael Gendler

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Rebecca Shohet

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Rebecca Suh

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Russell Sesler

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Ryan Lee

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Sabrina Rivers

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Said Israilov

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Samantha Kaplan

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Samuel Kim

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Sanat Valecha

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Sang Hyun Park

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Sarah Cutler

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Sarah Fox

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Scott Gelber

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Serin Choi

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Shashank Vura

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Shawn Han Choi

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Shivani Parikh

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Shivani Sanghani

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Sofia Hu

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Stephanie Hahm

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Svati Pazhyanur

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Sydney Lester

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Tanisha Mohapatra

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Taylor Keating

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Teresa Datta

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Tess Davey

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Tianjun Hou

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Tiffany Wu

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Toni-Ann Richards

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Toni-Anne Richards 

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Tony Zhou

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Trevor Ward

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Usamah Andrabi

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Veronica Dickson

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Victor Zhao

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Victoria Alandy

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Victoria Sulenski

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VJ Satish

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Woojin Choi

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Xavier Salvador

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Yibo Sun

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Yu Chen Xue

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Zachary Schmetter