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Why Vulgarity in Politics Matter

By Abigail Chen Published February 27, 2017

Written by Abigail Chen, 2/27/17 From Duterte, Hun Sen, to President Trump, different political leaders' use of vulgarity are creating dangerous situations. The danger of political vulgarity lies in normalizing the expression of vulgar bigotries and reinforcing the culture of impunity. Moreover, its impact on international diplomacy is increasingly salient. How can the world respond to the resurgence of vulgar politics? My article explores the avenues.

The Asian American "Model Minority" Myth Dismantled

By Abigail Chen Published April 15, 2016

Invoking a stereotype of Asians being smart at math and hard workers, the joke at the Oscars broadcast prompted widespread criticism. The "Model Minority" Myth of Asian Americans has persisted for fifty years, as have its damaging effects. Ultimately, representation is a problem for all minorities, Asians are no exception. Society as a whole must be consciously honest about the critical issues facing Asian Americans and start tackling them.