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Regulation Best Interest Might Not be in Your Best Interest

By Abigail Cundiff Published December 4, 2019

The new SEC Regulation Best Interest endangers investors by blurring the distinction between a broker-dealer and a registered investment advisor.

The Economists’ Plea to Politicians—Consider a Carbon Tax

By Abigail Cundiff Published February 12, 2019

The carbon tax is gaining traction once again because it seeks to solve one of the world’s most pressing issues—global climate change—and proposes to do so with little controversy. In light of recent events and reports, climate change and its effects have been brought to the forefront of political and social discourse. Members of Congress and top economists now back a carbon tax with a rebate—relying on incentives to change consumer behavior and, ultimately, reduce US carbon emissions and spur green energy innovation.

Your Cashier at McDonald’s is Earning More - Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned

By Abigail Cundiff Published November 18, 2018

The US is experiencing a historically tight labor market, which has resulted in increased wages and benefits for low-skilled employees. This trend, however, is ultimately unsustainable.

Part Time Limbo

By Abigail Cundiff Published May 6, 2018

Involuntary part-time (IPT) employment, assumed to be a temporary trend, may be less temporary than previously thought. New research suggests that this post-Great Recession trend could be here to stay, proving problematic for the future of many American workers.

Destressing the Distressed

By Abigail Cundiff Published October 19, 2017

America is experiencing a period of growth but it' not uniform. About 1/5 of the US population lives in a distressed community. Many poorer Americans face uncertain futures and it is necessary to bring these distressed communities up to speed with the rest of America in order to truly benefit citizens of all socioeconomic classes.