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Nonprofits: The 'Good Guys'?

By Abigail Hiller Published March 10, 2015

When you think nonprofit, your local YMCA or Salvation Army likely comes to mind. The good guys: using their money to further a worthy cause. Oftentimes, with nonprofit status comes tax exemption - an attractive prospect for a company. This is where things get murky. The NFL, FIFA, and Ikea are all able to take advantage of the legislation that grants nonprofits tax exemption.

Wealth Inequality Surpasses Income Equality Considerably

By Abigail Hiller Published November 9, 2014

Inequality is a hot-topic of today, and is only going to become hotter if continues to increase dramatically. Inequality persists in both income and wealth. Income is the flow that accrues to the stock of wealth. Recent research has explored just how greaty wealth inequality exceeds income inequality.

The Case for Green Investment

By Abigail Hiller Published October 24, 2014

Today, the health of our planet has become a priority to many. As has the creation of jobs in our economy. Most consider there to be a trade-off between the two. But, this is not necessarily true; green initiatives are shown to provide the economy with jobs.