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Can We Equate Truthful Nutrition Labels to a Healthier America?

By Adrian Jones Published November 9, 2014

The F.D.A. plans to revise nutrition labels on food. Revisions would require manufacturers to provide labels that more closely match proportions of food consumed by the average American, and would require companies to explicitly differentiate between true natural components of food and "natural additives." The F.D.A. believes consumers will make more informed decisions about the food they eat, and therefore will reduce obesity rates overtime. Companies in the food industry oppose these new regulations because they believe that too much government intervention will negatively alter the food market industry.

Massachusetts General Hospital Develops New Capsule as an Alternative to Fecal Transplants

By Adrian Jones Published October 21, 2014

Due to the extensive and costly process of a fecal transplant, patients have been in search for alternatives to the surgery. One alternative includes a do-it-yourself (DIY) transplantation method taught via Youtube videos. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital wanted to develop a cheaper alternative to the fecal transplant surgery and also a safer alternative to the DIY transplants. The frozen capsule alternative they developed was tested in a small study and proves to be just as effective as a fecal transplant. Further studies must be done on the fecal capsule, and the capsule is still awaiting FDA approval.