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Voter ID Laws: The Silencing of Impoverished America

By Alex Green Published April 15, 2016

Although voter ID laws across the United States have been passed to crackdown on voter fraud, in reality, these laws are disenfranchising poor, young, and minority voters by trying to fix a problem which does not exist.

Primary Predicament: The Disproportionate Influence of the Iowa Caucuses

By Alex Green Published February 25, 2016

As the first state to cast their vote in the presidential nomination process, Iowa has received a disproportionate amount of influence in deciding the presidential nominees. Their excessive influence is further exacerbated by the state's low turnout rate and lack of racial diversity which boosts candidates who support opinions which are not indicative of the opinions of the nation as a whole.

To Fund or Not to Fund? The Debate Over Planned Parenthood

By Alex Green Published November 11, 2015

In the current congressional debate over Planned Parenthood, Republicans are attempting to cease federal funding for the women's health organization over the alleged leaked video. This cut in funding will have dramatic effects for citizens across the United States, and it will have immense repercussions on the availability of healthcare.