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Good Grief (Pronounced "Greece")

By Alex Pundyk Published February 22, 2015

How one of the smallest economies in the European Union poses its most substantial financial risk, and the political perils therein; as negotiations within the European Union continue to offer hope of economic salvation for Greece and the Euro zone, the more interesting question becomes how the political fabric of Europe will be changed.

Fee and Dividend Carbon Taxation

By Alex Pundyk Published November 9, 2014

Following the formal recognition by Secretary of State Chuck Hagel of climate change as a threat to American national security, we are provided governmental confirmation of the widespread and interconnected consequences of global climate change. Among the foremost policies devised to chokehold carbon pollution by manufacturers, "Fee and Dividend" allegedly offers the most economically beneficial system of taxation and redistribution of fees. But can the economic conjectures of climate scientist's fare against the contestation of scholars of the international political economy?

Contextualizing the Economic Forces Supporting ISIS

By Alex Pundyk Published October 24, 2014

An amassing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has drawn widespread dissent from the allied nations of NATO and the fear and fascination of "infidels" around the world. To assess ISIS as a state competing on a global scale, we must determine its financial sources, assess its political goals, and contextualize its economy. We may then decide the political responses warranted by such rampant radicalism, and escalating violence.