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Acquisition Over Discovery

By Alexander Gomez Published November 2, 2015

In the last few weeks, the value of the Canadian pharmaceutical company Valeant has plummeted. The firm's connection to the special pharmacy Philidor Rx Services and general lack of disclosure has brought on immense public scrutiny and potential legal action. The results of these events should prove to make issues with the pharmaceutical sector more salient.

The US's Role in Prescription Drug Pricing

By Alexander Gomez Published September 21, 2015

Turing Pharmaceuticals recently increased the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 dollars a pill. The increase in the price of the drug, which is used to treat toxoplasmosis, has spurred outrage among the public. Citizens and elected officials alike are questioning the firm's actions, but without more robust public policy to prevent price spikes, patients are at the mercy of the market.

The Intersection of Business and Health: The Current State of the Meaningful Use Program

By Alexander Gomez Published March 11, 2015

As revenue for installing new health record systems in accordance with the Meaningful Use program runs dry, electronic health record vendors are beginning to balance their loss by demanding new IT consulting contracts. Many of the contracts provide interoperability, a trait of health record systems necessary for the system to be successful. Physicians and medical practitioners are calling for sanctions on these companies, as they believe they are being caught between hefty consulting fees and strict government guidelines.

Obamacare: Where it Stands in 2015 and the Challenges that it Faces

By Alexander Gomez Published February 22, 2015

After a successful year of increasing coverage, the Affordable Care Act is being challenged on the basis of the wording of a provision included in the act that allows federal subsidies to be given to those who purchase healthcare coverage through state exchanges. If successful, the lawsuit would remove subsidies to these people, dramatically reducing Obamacare participation.

Strategies for Combatting Ebola

By Alexander Gomez Published November 9, 2014

As the first cases of Ebola appear on United States soil, federal, state, and local governments struggle to create preventative action. The current quarantine initiative is being criticized by both human rights activists and the scientific community.

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Its Implications in Alzheimer's Treatment

By Alexander Gomez Published October 21, 2014

On October 6, 2014, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser, and Edvard Moser. The prize was awarded for their research on "place cells" and "grid cells;" a set of cells in the hippocampus that contributes to memories relating to the positional system of the brain. Their findings can be used to detail the progression of Alzheimer's on the brain and are particularly relevant to future research for an Alzheimer's cure.