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Oil-ogopoly to Monopoly - How Saudi Arabia Outlasts Rivals

By Alison Schonberg Published November 9, 2014

With oil at a record low $85 per barrel, large exporters are struggling to meet budget demands. In particular, countries with state-owned oil companies, dependence on export-revenue, and high market share are most likely to lose-out during this period of weak profits. Among these oil giants, only one seems properly equipped to survive - Saudi Arabia. With high foreign reserves, the exporter can survive longer than its opponents, manage huge budget deficits, and handle potential exchange rate crises.

Germany - Full Blown Recession or Summer Slump?

By Alison Schonberg Published October 24, 2014

In recent weeks, the Eurozone has turned upside down. Weak figures for German industrial production, GDP growth, and investment climate have triggered fears of a double-dip recession, in which the former currency leader could drag down already tepid growth among its trading partners. If Germany stands by austerity policy, and its rigid balanced-budget requirement, it could perpetuate a vicious cycle of contractionary policy, more severe recessions, and weak demand throughout the Eurozone.