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The Problem of Our Times - Economic Inequality

By Brad DeSanctis Published May 6, 2018

American political discourse is saturated with policy issues, from gun policy to abortion, tax reform to healthcare, immigration to foreign policy. But one realm of policy stands out from the rest. Left unaddressed, it is slowly killing the core ethos of America: the American dream. The problem is economic inequality.

The Hope and Need for an Infrastructure Bill

By Brad DeSanctis Published November 15, 2017

Infrastructure: it's what politicians can't stop talking about, but can never start doing anything about. America's infrastructure is deteriorating, while spending is declining. But despite lots of talk, there is little reason to expect federal action anytime soon.

Tackling Rising Rents

By Brad DeSanctis Published October 19, 2017

With 6.6 million Americans severely rent-burdened, many U.S. cities are struggling with rising rents and affordable housing. A patchwork of federal, state, and local policies, both old and new, attempt to address the issue.

Trump's Claims of Economic Success

By Brad DeSanctis Published April 2, 2017

President Trump has used economic metrics and corporate job announcements to paint his presidency as an instant success. But while this president is far from the first to make these claims, he does not deserve credit for the current state of the economy. In fact, the overall ability of the presidency to impact the economy is overstated.