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UC Network Monitoring Sets Troubling Precedent

By Chad Stephenson Published April 3, 2016

Earlier this year, the UC system quietly implemented a new network monitoring program that has quickly raised concerns among students and faculty. In the fight for cybersecurity, should students have a say in how their personal data is handled?

Apple Battles FBI over Smartphone Security

By Chad Stephenson Published March 2, 2016

Apple has publicly expressed its intention to fight a mandate requiring the creation of software that would allow the FBI to access encrypted iPhone data. Is encryption a valuable tool in protecting privacy, or a technological obstacle exposing us to future terrorist attacks?

It's Time to Regulate Uber

By Chad Stephenson Published November 8, 2015

As the ridesharing startup continues to expand, lawmakers across the world consider new rules for Uber. The company, armed with loyal customers and billions in venture capital, will do whatever it takes to combat new regulations. Lawmakers must act now to limit Uber's growing monopoly power.