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How to Avoid Nuclear War: Making the Case to North Korea's Big Brother

By Chris Hamlin Published March 31, 2016

Written by Chris Hamlin, 3/31/2016 After years of an ineffective U.S. embargo to compel North Korean denuclearization, the most recent nuclear test suggests, it is finally time for a change in policy. Despite Chinese leadership's historical reluctance to financially isolate its long-time ally, provided the right incentives, it may be willing to change course. The United States must therefore put aside its ego and make the sacrifices necessary to acquire Beijing's support.

How the East is Won: Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the South China Sea Disputes

By Chris Hamlin Published February 29, 2016

Written by Chris Hamlin, 2/29/2016 After years of legal ambiguity surrounding the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, The Hague is set to rule on the legitimacy of China's claims. It is essential to apply international law to the disputes to prevent greater military escalation. Yet, with Asia Pacific nations divided between Beijing and Washington, it will be difficult for the U.S. to gain the regional support it needs to enforce the imminent decision.