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The Potential Benefits of California's Partnership With China

By Chris Harvey Published November 8, 2013

China's major cities have been crippled by smog resulting from industrial pollution, emissions which also contribute greatly to global climate change. California's recent partnership to share low carbon strategies with China offers great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address China's pollution problem. Furthermore, it serves as an exciting model for global collaboration on the issue of climate change.

Reduce Your Energy Bill Now

By Chris Harvey Published October 4, 2013

As a Cornell student living in Collegetown, I understand that between the classes, papers, prelims, and parties, we don't have a tremendous amount of time or energy to devote towards working with our landlords to participate in the NYSERDA program. Nonetheless, there are still a couple of small steps we, as well as any others who live in rental housing, can take towards making our dwellings more comfortable and more efficient that should be acceptable your landlord.