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Six Considerations Concerning the Battle for Mosul

By Christopher Cho Published September 22, 2016

Written by Christopher Cho, 9/22/2016 The battle for Mosul represents the single most important offensive against the Islamic State to date. Here are six strategic considerations that define and complicate the ongoing fight to liberate the city.

The New Marshall Plan: The Challenge of Chinese Leadership

By Christopher Cho Published September 22, 2016

Written by Christopher Cho, 9/22/2016 Chinese President Xi Jinping's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) trade initiative is set to surpass the Marshall Plan as the largest-ever program of economic diplomacy. OBOR's thinly-veiled geopolitical aims attempt to challenge the American-led order in Asia, and thus deserves a vigorous response from Washington.

Petroleum and Impeachment: Brazil's Political Turmoil, Explained

By Christopher Cho Published March 31, 2016

Written by Christopher Cho, 3/31/2016 Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is engaged in a fight for political survival as revelations of a massive corruption scandal inspire renewed calls for her impeachment. As the country's ailing economy slides into severe recession, an ongoing anti-corruption investigation continues to ensnare the political establishment's top brass. The understandably impassioned civilian and institutional response, however, may be a sign of democratic progress.

Sunset for the Sunshine Policy

By Christopher Cho Published February 29, 2016

Written by Christopher Cho, 2/29/2016 While experts eye Pyongyang's claims to a hydrogen bomb skeptically, its latest nuclear detonation showcases, histrionically, the glaring flaws of Seoul's political calculus. For over a decade, South Korea's rapprochement-oriented Sunshine Policy did little more than subsidize the North's growing belligerence. Now, South Korean President Park Geun-hye must recalibrate her country's foreign policies to reflect the harrowing realities of Pyongyang's nuclear-tipped threats.

The "Unbreakable" Bond: Netanyahu's Gamble

By Christopher Cho Published February 20, 2015

Washington's steadfast support for Israel has, for decades, been a hallmark of American foreign policy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, appears willing to test that commitment, accepting a controversial invitation to address a joint session of Congress on Iran. The reaction on Capitol Hill"”a bona fide political firestorm"”may be a sign that Israeli premier has overplayed his hand.

A Reluctant Ally: Turkey in the Fight Against the Islamic State

By Christopher Cho Published November 9, 2014

Turkey's mere tacit support for the U.S. led anti-ISIL coalition highlights a growing gulf between the long-time allies. Our flagging relations have potent implications on the war against the Islamic State and immediate consequences in the Syrian border town of Kobani.

Narco-Politics: Lessons from the 2014 Iguala Massacre

By Christopher Cho Published October 24, 2014

Mexico is reeling in the aftermath of a police shootout that resulted in the death unarmed student protestors in Iguala. The tragedy, however, illuminates a plethora of daunting challenges Mexico must learn from and eventually overcome.