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Three Ways the Dakota Pipeline is an International Human Rights Crisis

By Christopher Hanna Published September 22, 2016

Written by Christopher Hanna, 9/22/2016 Since last April, members of various Native American tribes have partially occupied the site of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. According to the protestors, the multi-million dollar oil pipeline will desecrate indigenous cultural sites and imperil indispensable sources of clean water. Here's how this issue is of vital importance not just to the affected tribes, but to the international community at large.

The Dark Spectre of German Remilitarization

By Christopher Hanna Published March 31, 2016

Written by Chris Hanna, 3/31/2016 The reemergence of German military power poses deep threats to German democracy and world peace. Will Germany join ranks the of imperialist agitators who beat the drums for war on the international stage while crushing popular dissent at home?

The Five Great Perils of Brexit

By Christopher Hanna Published February 29, 2016

Written by Christopher Hanna, 2/29/2016 United Kingdom (U.K.) Prime Minister David Cameron has announced June 23rd as the date of an in-out popular referendum on the U.K.'s European Union (E.U.) membership. A vote in favor of British withdrawal from the E.U., sometimes referred to as "Brexit," would have enormously treacherous implications for the future of Europe and the U.K.'s four constituent countries.

Six Ways to Prevent a Third Intifada

By Christopher Hanna Published November 5, 2015

If drastic measures to curb violence and dismantle the occupation apparatus aren't taken, Israel-Palestine will surely be engulfed by a fresh intifada, or uprising. Here's how regional authorities can work together to defuse the violence that has gripped the Holy Land this fall.

Crisis & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

By Christopher Hanna Published October 2, 2015

A brutal slaying and a sectarian political crisis have made it clear that Northern Ireland must recommit itself to a bold human rights agenda.

Redefining Development

By Christopher Hanna Published March 13, 2015

For decades, the practice of international development has been subject to politicization by the American government. It is high time that the values of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and empathy be rediscovered and reasserted among those involved in the deliverance of development aid.

Pursuing Cultural Reconciliation through Linguistic Diversity in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland

By Christopher Hanna Published February 20, 2015

Although nearly seventeen years have passed since the Northern Ireland conflict came to its official close, the country remains highly divided. The normalization and promotion of its minority languages would help to forge a multiethnic society at peace with itself and its past.

Sleepwalking Towards Fascism

By Christopher Hanna Published November 9, 2014

A far-right political movement threatens to engulf the United Kingdom in an unprecedented era of ultra-right nationalism. Its rising influence has sparked a fierce struggle for the soul and future of the British people.

Alternate Routes Towards Peace in Palestine

By Christopher Hanna Published October 24, 2014

As negotiations with Israel crumble, the Palestinian Authority is exploring alternative means by which it can bring about the end of Israel's military and settler occupation of the West Bank. These efforts should be both commended and expanded.