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Reforming Drug Policy Thinking in West Africa

By Dan Cohanpour Published November 8, 2013

As the drug trade grows in the region, West African governments must steer away from retroactive methods of drug policy that emphasize incarceration rather than education, prevention, and rehabilitation. Additionally, these governments should boost support of border patrol posts as well as train and monitor local police authorities in order to curb any criminal activity on the borders, mitigate trafficking at its source, and improve ineffective and often corrupt policing.

Democratizing the Global Development Agenda: Ideas vs. Implementation

By Dan Cohanpour Published October 11, 2013

Currently, there are many day-to-day communal processes, both governmental and nongovernmental, that occur without substantive input from relevant stakeholders. Without having the opportunity to provide input, people are disempowered and disengaged with the system.