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New York’s Ambitious Climate Change Path

By Daniel Wrenn Published February 1, 2021

The summer of 2019 saw New York pass the nation's most ambitious climate change bill, being signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Over a year later, these lofty goals still seem out of reach. However, several pathways to meeting them and helping stave off the disastrous effects of climate change are taking shape. Yet, the question still remains, how will they continue to look in the future?

An Environmentally Friendly Solution to America’s Obesity Crisis - Getting More Produce to At-Risk and Low Income People

By Daniel Wrenn Published May 22, 2020

Eating a healthier diet often entails a more expensive price tag. Yet, a healthy diet with enough fruits and vegetables can have resounding health improvements. Fruits and vegetables also improve the environment, especially if they are locally sourced. A solution is beginning to emerge helping solve all three of these problems. Community-shared agriculture given at discounted prices and as medical prescriptions holds an answer.