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Utah v. Strieff: An 8 member court and the reach of the Fourth Amendment on searches

By David Taylor Published April 15, 2016

With the death of Antonin Scalia and the possible of a 4v4 tie the future of the Fourth Amendment's defense against illegal searches is in jeopardy. In Utah vs. Strieff the exclusionary rule for evidence discovered during illegal stops has come into question. The implications of a victory for Utah could fundamentally change the relationship between law enforcement and the public.

War on Planned Parenthood Hits a Judiciary Speed Bump

By David Taylor Published November 11, 2015

Judges in Alabama and Louisiana block the states from ending funding to Planned Parenthood. Governors Robert Bentley of Alabama and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana each cited recent hidden camera footage shot by anti-abortion activists in their decision to strip funding.

Budget Battles, 2015 Edition

By David Taylor Published October 22, 2015

Shutdown threat pushed back as short-term spending bill passed.

Healthcare on the Agenda Once Again in the Supreme Court

By David Taylor Published March 14, 2015

The Supreme Court is considering practical and legal arguments in another case questioning the legality of sections of the Affordable Care Act. Arguments on a small section raise questions of jurisdiction, congressional intention, and politics along with legal issues.

Same Sex Marriage, the Supremacy clause and the State of Alabama

By David Taylor Published February 18, 2015

Chaos in Alabama as State Chief justice, Roy Moore, issues an order to probate judges to halt the issuing of marriage licenses to same sex couples defining federal courts order. The broad support in Alabama for Chief Justice Moore's action will not be enough to supersede the supremacy of the Federal Court.

Ebola: Losing Civil Liberties to Fear

By David Taylor Published November 9, 2014

As the United States deals with a handful of Ebola cases, controversy over quarantining persons returning from infected African states. In a state of fear, states are overreacting and infringing on civil liberties in the name of safety.

Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk, and the State of Labor in the U.S.

By David Taylor Published October 21, 2014

Despite rising employment and economic growth the rights and well being of workers are still important issues. In Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk, Amazon workers are fighting for lost wages, and are facing a surprising opponent, the White House.