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Time for a New Chapter: An End to the War on Drugs

By Delphi Cleaveland Published April 15, 2016

The United States is at war on its own soil. The once amicably declared war on drugs has entered its fourth decade, and morale has run out. As casualties mount, crime rates soar, and budgets dry up, it is time for a change.

The Price is NOT Right

By Delphi Cleaveland Published February 25, 2016

Student loan debt totals nearly $1.3 trillion. Next to home ownership, college education, is one of the most expensive investment Americans will make in their lifetime. The soaring prices of college tuition in the United States have resulted in an anxious and imbalanced economy, in which prosperity belongs to an increasingly shrinking group. As wealth is evermore stratified, the growing need for accessible education becomes increasingly transparent. But how?

(No?) Students Left Behind: Rethinking Education in the United States

By Delphi Cleaveland Published November 11, 2015

In response to the growing murmurs of discontent emerging from parents, teachers, and politicians alike, the Obama administration has announced it too would like to give it's opinion on educational reform. With mounting inequality, falsified proficiency standards, and students who's knees are buckling under backpacks overflowing with stress, it's time for some serious changes.

The Millennials

By Delphi Cleaveland Published October 22, 2015

As the 2016 Presidential Election looms on the horizon, candidates are desperate to decipher how to motivate one of the most complex electorates in United States history.

Where are the Women?

By Delphi Cleaveland Published March 14, 2015

Women remain illusive in the STEM workplace, currently the fastest growing field of innovation and labor on the planet. The United States continues to fall behind in global rankings and soon 80% of jobs will require technological skills. Will they be able to solve the problems of work place biases and gendered expectations?

Why Not Clean up the Act?

By Delphi Cleaveland Published February 18, 2015

While our spacious skies are being clouded with smog, our amber waves of grain murdered by drought, and the shining seas are heated and rising, debates and discussions on climate change have eerily abated in the United States political sector. Even following the recent Keystone XL pipeline deliberation and the continuous drops in gas prices, climate change fails to take precedent among some facets of Congress. How do the President and EPA respond?

Let's Talk About Rape Culture

By Delphi Cleaveland Published November 9, 2014

Phrases and concepts such as "party culture" and "blackout drinking" have normalized a culture of sexual violence on college campuses. What is worse, rape culture leads victims to feel too intimidated or silenced to report sexual assault to their own bodies.

New Legislation, Old Goals?

By Delphi Cleaveland Published October 21, 2014

President Obama's reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, was initially met with stark opposition from House Republicans, however one year later the bill was nonetheless passed. Skeptics critique the sincerity of the extent to which this new bill will create social change among citizens.