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Clearing a Political Traffic Jam - Can Congestion Pricing Save MTA?

By Dylan Nezaj Published September 12, 2019

The debate over how best to bolster MTA funds is among the most contentious in New York politics. That congestion pricing will soon be a reality is a testament to a shifting paradigm, and an appreciation for the urgency with which we must repair the city’s economic engine.

The Forest and the Axe - The Betrayal of America’s Middle Class

By Dylan Nezaj Published February 12, 2019

There is fable popular throughout Eastern Mediterranean folklore that tells of a forest whose trees came to trust a woodcutter’s axe. Upon seeing that the axe’s handle was made of wood, the trees concluded, “It is one of us,” and eagerly welcomed the woodcutter into the forest. In so doing, the trees engineered their own demise, and were felled before they could realize that they had been deceived by their own enemy.

Putting the “Social” back into Social Security - Dispelling the Myths about Social Security, and the Lesson that Paying for it Can Teach Us

By Dylan Nezaj Published November 18, 2018

Congress has not sufficiently addressed the funding shortfall to be faced by the Social Security Administration in the coming decades. There are numerous policy measures that can be pursued, however. The combination of such measures that Congress adopts should reflect what we think constitutes a fair share of burden, will test our commitment to social insurance, and may redefine the very nature of one of America’s greatest policy endeavors. Image Courtesy of UE Union.

Our Energy “Made in China”? - Trump, Coal, and the Future of American Energy

By Dylan Nezaj Published May 6, 2018

Amidst China’s continuing efforts to achieve the status of a global economic superpower, the Trump administration is focusing its efforts on reinvigorating a dying coal industry. In so doing, Trump is further enabling China to outcompete and surpass the US as the leader in the development of the energy sources of the future.

Trump's "Simplistic" Approach to NAFTA

By Dylan Nezaj Published October 19, 2017

Trump's lambasting of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an integral trade deal which governs trade between the United States, Canada and Mexico, betrays either a false understanding of the economic status quo, or a manipulation of the truth through campaign rhetoric. If the latter is the case, Trump's current course of action is another one of many desperate attempts to live up to his grandiose campaign promises.