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ACA supports Community Health Workers

By Elaine Jaworski Published November 8, 2013

Community Health Workers have been an integral part of health systems around the world for years. It is time the United States takes advantage of their power to fight obesity-related illnesses.

A Win for Women's Reproductive Rights

By Elaine Jaworski Published September 30, 2013

Gaining access to contraception is a battle women have been fighting for years. The 1950's and 1960's was the age of the pill with Margaret Sanger at the forefront of the American women's movement. Now, our attention is on the morning after pill. Political motivations have kept the drug restricted and hence kept women from accessing\r\nit in the inherently short time frame when it is effective. There is no incentive for young teens to abuse Plan-B, unlike the other drugs that have some how slipped through the politicians agendas like cough syrup and diet pills.

What PCORI Will Offer for Healthcare

By Elaine Jaworski Published May 1, 2013

The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), formed under the ACA, named its first 25 awards for comparative effectiveness research this past December. It looks like this institute will add valuable information to our healthcare field in the future.