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SySTEMic Undervaluation: Why Girls Face a Never-Ending Uphill Battle

By Elizabeth Zelko Published March 11, 2015

As more and more technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond seek to encourage and push for more women to enter STEM fields, many seem to ignore that for women, choosing STEM is only the very first in an endless series of hurdles they will likely face in their pursuit of acceptance in a male-dominated field and culture.

The White House Tackles Cybersecurity in a post-Sony Pictures World

By Elizabeth Zelko Published February 18, 2015

In the wake of several high profile cyber attacks perpetrated over the last two years, including breaches at Target, Sony Pictures, JP Morgan Chase and, most recently, Anthem Blue Cross, the White House has been under fire to update cyber crime laws that are no longer equipped to deal with the broad range and level of sophistication of attacks commonly executed by criminals today.

Tanks, Armor, and Hello Kitty Backpacks: Re-evaluating Technologies to Counter School Shootings

By Elizabeth Zelko Published November 9, 2014

As concern grows over the increase in scale of school shootings over the last 5 years, and the fight for gun control continues to gain little headway, many schools are searching for an alternate solution or tool to help stem the flow of violence. Some companies have stepped up to the plate, using the resources and technologies at their disposal, with varying degrees of effectiveness, to create their own brands of technological solutions.

The Data Conundrum: the U.S. Government and Internet Privacy

By Elizabeth Zelko Published October 24, 2014

Following the advent of Edward Snowden, the American public was acquainted with the exact extent of private Internet data collection by the U.S. government. As controversy rages on and the market for private data grows, the government will need to construct a definitive meaning for "Internet privacy."