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Closed Texas Abortion Clinics to Re-Open

By Ellie Politi Published November 9, 2014

With the recent ruling in Texas that mandated all abortion clinics meet the same standards of surgical centers, thirteen abortion facilities were forced to shut down this month, preventing access to women across the state. While the Supreme Court has temporarily halted the law, there could be detrimental health implications if the law is implemented.

Screening Travelers During the Ebola Outbreak

By Ellie Politi Published October 21, 2014

The recent Ebola outbreak has resulted in over 3,000 casualties in West Africa and has forced the United States to spring to action regarding its screening process policies on U.S. soil. While some ardently support any means to prevent invasion of the Ebola virus, others recognize the limitations of the proposed screening process, pointing out the flaws in the test.