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The Demise of ITT Tech; Dealing with the Closure of a For-Profit College

By Emil Kunkin  Published January 1, 2017

The closure of one of the biggest chains of for-profit schools following a ruling from the Department of Education has left former students reeling.

Death, Taxes, and Tuition

By Emil Kunkin  Published January 1, 2017

Paying for higher education is a topic on the minds of many American families today, as college costs have skyrocketed. While radical changes are politically or economically unfeasible, there are other ways to help families pay for college.

A Texas-Sized Fight Over Textbooks

By Emil Kunkin  Published January 1, 2017

Sensational claims and seemingly outdated policies bring media attention to the content of Texas' textbooks, but its outsize presence in the national market for textbooks means that Texas statewide standards, which have been criticized as being overly political, can affect the content of textbooks nationwide.