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Governor Cuomo's Free Tuition Expansion

By Emily Bramhall Published January 1, 2017

New York Governor Cuomo's Excelsior Scholarship expands tuition-free college to the middle-class New Yorkers. However, the scholarship comes with stringent requirements that emphasizes on-time graduation, and these requirements may actually be a barrier to college completion for some.

Trump and School Choice

By Emily Bramhall Published January 1, 2017

In a time when many believe the United States public schools are failing its students, Donald Trump's proposed solution is to commit federal dollars to promote school-choice among the states. School-choice vouchers have the potential to take resources away from struggling public schools. Are the benefits worth the cost?

Specialized High Schools, Segregated Student Body

By Emily Bramhall, Aaron Gottesfeld, and Stephannie Chen Published January 1, 2017

New York City’s test based specialized system creates a sharp ethnic divide in schools. The city must take action to increase diversity and expand the availability of test prep, or else change the Specialized High School admission system.