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Is Your Mammogram Saving Your Life?

By Emma Sahn Published November 2, 2015

In recent years, as scientific research and education about breast cancer has expanded and advanced, receiving mammograms regularly has become the norm in women. However, recent evidence has shown that such aggressive use of mammograms can often cause more harm than good. In response, the American Cancer Society has issued new regulations on the use of mammograms that promote a much less intrusive and active stance on breast cancer screening and treatment. Although the evidence in favor of these new regulations is very robust, it will likely be difficult to truly implement these new regulations and significantly decrease the use of mammograms

Skyrocketing Prescription Drug prices: The Search for a Solution

By Emma Sahn Published September 21, 2015

High prescription drug prices have always been an issue in the U.S., and as of late, the topic has come to the forefront of political and economic discussions. After years of stable spending on prescription drugs, spending has recently skyrocketed: there has been a 12 percent increase in spending on prescription drugs in the past year. As a result, Americans with and without insurance are feeling the substantial costs of such price increases. With the presidential election coming up , a huge policy question will be how to address this powerful industry.

Supreme Court Ruling Causes Reopening of a Dozen Abortion Clinics in Texas

By Emma Sahn Published November 9, 2014

Ever since 1973, with the Roe v. Wade decision making abortion a legal right, abortion has become a highly debated and contentious topic time and time again. Texas has particularly been in the spotlight in recent years regarding the abortion debate, after passing a law in 2013 that essentially shut down almost all abortion clinics within the state. However, very recently, the Supreme Court ruled that this law was unconstitutional and as a result, almost a dozen abortion clinics have reopened. Although for many, this is a positive step in the right direction, there are still just as many fighting against the Supreme Court's decision, demonstrating that the fight is hardly over.