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Sovereign Wealth Funds: Financial Behemoths & Fiscal Prudence

By Eric Lee Published March 27, 2019

In the face of skyrocketing deficits and record national debt, the United States and other Western countries should look for innovative solutions in the form of sovereign wealth funds to stabilize their fiscal position.

Making the Case for Non-interventionism - The Rise of an Inward-focused America

By Eric Lee Published February 10, 2019

As its relative power wanes, America must stay wary of foreign entanglements and focus inwards on internal problems endemic to its economy and society that jeopardize its future.

The Giant in the East Paves a New Green Future - China's Rise as the New Leader in Renewable Energy

By Eric Lee Published November 19, 2018

With America's de facto abdication from global leadership in the transition away from fossil fuels, China takes the mantle as the new leader in renewable energy production.

Asia's Rise Should Be Our Sputnik Moment

By Eric Lee Published May 6, 2018

As the Asia-Pacific region becomes the world's next geopolitical and economic center, America must forge new agreements and strive for more engagement and integration through shrewd diplomacy while making necessary investments in its workforce and capabilities at home.