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An End to Suffering: Who Makes the Final Call in End-of-Life Decisions?

By Frank Sun Published November 9, 2014

29-year-old Brittany Maynard's decision to end her life at such a young age has made a significant impact on the American public. This controversial subject has tugged at the heartstrings of millions of people and has been discussed by policymakers all over the country. What implications does her decision have for the ongoing debate and what factors must be considered to thoroughly understand the issue of physician-assisted suicide?

Increased Life, Increased Costs: The Policy Implications of an Aging Demographic with HIV

By Frank Sun Published April 25, 2014

HIV treatments have lengthened the lives of many patients, but as life expectancy increases so do the cases of chronic medical problems associated with old-age. What are the new challenges this presents to policy makers, patients, and healthcare providers?

Miracle Compounds: Ethical Issues in the Drug Approval Process

By Frank Sun Published April 6, 2014

Clinical trials in the FDA drug approval process has misled patients, for the sake of scientific precision, into believing they will be the next ones to try the new "wonder" compound. Can this be justified by the lives saved in the long run? \r\n\r\n