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An End to Impunity in Sri Lanka?

By Gail Fletcher Published October 2, 2015

Although the Civil War in Sri Lanka ended in 2009, the conflict amongst its people is far from over. A resolution released by the United Nations Human Rights Council set in motion a process that could rehabilitate the country that has suffered from impunity for so long. Depending on the path it takes, Sri Lanka will either achieve or be further torn apart.

The Exploitation of Art as a Weapon of War and a Means of Cultural Eradication

By Gail Fletcher Published March 13, 2015

Cultural artifacts are incredibly vulnerable to both unintentional and deliberate destruction during times of war. As seen by the videos and images released by ISIS, Iraqi artifacts are not immune to the norm. Effective measures must be taken to end the destruction and illegal trade of antiquities before it is too late.