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Franken-banks, it's time to meet your Makers

By Hanna Blunden Published February 28, 2016

Speaking to a post-recession society, rhetoric used frequently throughout the current presidential race works to remind Americans that the state of our current financial system still threatens our economic security. "Too big to fail" banks have emerged in the wake of the Great Recession as the unelected barons of the American economic prosperity, whose gargantuan spheres of influence permeate every sector of the economy, and whose demise could mean the end of it. The robust nature of these financial institutions remains a clear and insidious liability to American economic stability, thus the policy currently proliferating their existence and prevalence, must be reformed.

A Free Higher Ed, A Free Economy

By Hanna Blunden Published November 10, 2015

The College For All plan proposed by Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders would not just have great social benefits, but great economic ones as well. The state-offered free higher public education option for all would eliminate the necessary evil of student debt. Indeed those who still chose to attend private school would still face these financial boundaries, but the option for a debt free college education would undoubtedly be there. With such a broad path to a debt free high education, future generations of college graduates would have significantly greater economic capabilities that would create substantial growth in the American economy.