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Challenges Estimating the Effects of Medicaid with Existing Poverty Measures

By Harkirat Sangha Published January 30, 2023

There is a universal goal to "eliminate poverty", yet there are many challenges to defining poverty in order to measure it. Without sufficient measures of poverty, the effects of various welfare programs and policies are difficult to observe, such as Medicaid. In order to better estimate the effects of Medicaid, policymakers must move to using a health-inclusive poverty measure to better inform their decisions.

The Glamorization of the Gig Economy: Why We Need to Protect Our Increasingly Independent Workforce

By Harkirat Sangha Published January 15, 2022

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of workers that are leaving permanent employment for gig work, i.e., jobs that depend entirely on short-term contracts and freelance work. The independence of gig work comes with the tradeoff of crucial benefits such as health insurance, a promise of minimum wage, and sick pay. Although the path to changing current labor regulations is difficult and hazy, there is a dire need for legislation that grants gig workers basic employment rights.