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Redefining Prosperity

By Hilary Yu Published April 14, 2014

The ecological footprint is shaped by population levels, affluence, and technology. Although developed societies have relied much on technological innovation to solve environmental problems, rising population levels demand new solutions. We must reconsider our mindset of conspicuous consumption.

Buying Into Sustainability

By Hilary Yu Published March 24, 2014

The economy and environment are not as antithetical as many would believe. In many ways, the market provides a strong framework for pursuing long-term sustainability.

Geoengineering: A Tempting Solution

By Hilary Yu Published November 8, 2013

As the climate issue is increasingly in the forefront of public perception, the focus of discussion among those who acknowledge its existence has primarily been oriented towards finding a solution. One proposal that commonly arises is the idea of employing geoengineering, the manipulation of certain Earth functions or systems. Scientists have brought forth potential geoengineering solutions such as spraying sulfur particles in the air, fertilizing trees with nitrogen, or seeding cloud formation.