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Patients Already Have A Right-to-Try—And They Deserve More

By Isabella Harnick Published October 22, 2019

The Right-to-Try Act was adopted by Congress with the intention of permitting critically ill patients the ability to circumvent the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process in order to access to unapproved treatments. However, the FDA continues to play an important role in consumer protection and should not be so quickly overlooked.

Immunization: From our Greatest Innovation to its Widespread Defamation

By Isabella Harnick Published February 11, 2019

Vaccines currently prevent 2-3 million deaths a year; however, there are still many parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. How did something once considered to be our greatest innovation become something so feared?

A Call to Revamp Sexual Education Policy in the United States

By Isabella Harnick Published December 8, 2018

Research shows that by including topics of contraceptive methods and consent in our health education, we can prevent sexual abuse and unintended teenage pregnancies. Despite this, the majority of states are failing to mention these issues, resulting in the highest teen pregnancy rate of industrialized nations and the need for movements like #MeToo.

Medicaid Work Requirements Provide Reasons for Concern

By Isabella Harnick Published June 18, 2018

The Trump Administration has recently decided to allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid enrollees in an effort to incentivize work. However, incorporating work requirements can undermine its intended goal and threaten the coverage of millions of Americans

How to Rescue the Cost of Epipens: Add to Federal Preventative List

By Isabella Harnick Published November 2, 2017

Within the last ten years, Epipen prices have increased from $94 to $608. With the drugmaker proving to be uncooperative in responding to the public's demands, we need to find a new solution: The federal government should include the EpiPen on its federal list of preventative services.