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A War on Two Fronts: Saudi Arabia's International Oil Dilemma

By Jackson Cherner Published September 22, 2016

Written by Jackson Cherner, 9/22/2016 No longer in a secure seat of power over the international oil markets, Saudi Arabia faces a "sink or swim" crisis over their influence on OPEC and its competitors. Facing threats from internal developments and its overseas partners, the Saudi government must restructure their trade agreements and energy security to ensure they remain locked in the pecking order.

Post materialist Inequality: Two Major Ways to Reduce International Income Inequality

By Jackson Cherner Published March 31, 2016

Capitalism and globalization are stifling aspiring, middle-class people while the elite capitalize on its monopoly on financial growth. The growing gap between the upper and lower classes is pushed in polarizing directions, as the poorer parts of society delve deeper under the poverty line. Compounded with changing values and polarizing politics, the lower classes require solutions on welfare systems in order to save their financial decline.