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End Immigrant Detention: Break Open the Broken Door

By Jackson Weber Published April 15, 2016

Our nation's ever-expanding system of immigration detention places hundreds of thousands of individuals in prison-like conditions with limited accountability and enforcement and should be replaced with more-suitable alternatives.

Merit or Partisanship: The Future of the Wisconsin Civil Service System

By Jackson Weber Published February 25, 2016

Despite Wisconsin's century-old tradition of merit-based civil service, Wisconsin legislators and Governor Scott Walker recently altered the system in favor of a more partisan version. Gone are the days of civil service examinations and here are the days of a personal connection and resume-based hiring system.

Public Bucks for the Bucks

By Jackson Weber Published November 11, 2015

Sports and politics are two of the most dominant features of American life today. When the two get intertwined around the issue of publicly funded stadiums and arenas the debate gets interesting.

Why Democrats Shouldn't be the Only Ones Standing with Planned Parenthood

By Jackson Weber Published October 22, 2015

As the possibility of another government shutdown looms, more extreme members of the Republican Party have made this even more likely through their renewed attacks on Planned Parenthood. By attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, the Right is pursuing a self-defeating policy, while also unnecessarily putting the operational capacity of the federal government at risk.

Wisconsin Labor War 2.0

By Jackson Weber Published March 14, 2015

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's presidential prospects blossom, the ability of unions to operate in Wisconsin shrivels once again. Right to Work laws have been popping up across the nation in Republican held states and Wisconsin is the GOP's next target. Walker's continued crusade against organized labor may make him the darling of the right, but that status may come at a significant cost to the well being of his constituents.

Return of the States Rights Debate: Same Sex Marriage Edition

By Jackson Weber Published February 18, 2015

Once again, the state of Alabama is attempting to assert the argument of states rights in debate of a controversial social issue. This time, the issue is gay marriage. Gone is George Wallace defending segregation and present is Chief Justice Roy Moore working to resist the federal judiciary system.

The Quarantine Controversy

By Jackson Weber Published November 9, 2014

As the use of quarantines continues to rise in the battle against Ebola in the U.S., their legality and effectiveness have come into question. Despite the varying state-by-state approaches to quarantines, policy coordination and clarification must occur to eliminate the domestic Ebola threat.

Marijuana Policy: Stuck in a Haze

By Jackson Weber Published October 21, 2014

Reduction of public interest in marijuana policy does not eliminate the need for federal reform as state policies continue to evolve this upcoming election cycle.