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2021 German Parliamentary Election Spells New Hurdles for Sino-German Relations

By Jason L Published January 16, 2022

The election of a new governing coalition in Germany led by the centre-left Social Democratic Party is leading to questions over the future of Germany’s relationship with China. While newly elected German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appeared set to continue on former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s balance between trade creation and human rights advocacy with China, the new coalition’s junior members––such as the Greens––are likely to push Sino-German policy towards an era of increased friction over contentious issues.

The Failure of US Policy on Hong Kong

By Jason L Published September 2, 2021

Republican Party figures have often positioned themselves as champions of the pro-democracy movement of Hong Kong. However, their actions prove that their foreign policy decisions hide other intentions, and end up inadvertently hurting democratic efforts in the territory.