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Wealth Inequality and a System that Perpetuates It

By Jill Sternthal Published February 28, 2016

Many of the highest-earning Americans pay the lowest percentage of their income in federal taxes, revealing a flaw in our system of taxation. Despite this inefficiency, no recent policy has been passed to address this issue. With the 2016 presidential election 9 months away, candidates' proposed tax policies would either ameliorate or exacerbate this system of inherent wealth inequality.

Removing the Training Wheels from the US Economy: Are We There Yet?

By Jill Sternthal Published November 9, 2015

The mid-September meeting of the Federal Reserve resulted in no new increase to the federal funds rate for the ninth ongoing year. With many people believing that the economy is recovered from the fiasco of 2008, market players are wondering how much longer until the Fed will take off the financial training wheels.