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Two Ways to Slow Down Police Brutality

By Jon Levitan Published November 9, 2014

Police brutality is an ongoing, devastating problem in our country. Can chest-mounted cameras and a more representative force mitigate the problem?

Why the Supreme Court Should Rule that Workers Should be Paid

By Jon Levitan Published October 21, 2014

Amazon warehouse workers are suing the temp agency that employs them because they are subject to unpaid time spent waiting for security checks, and here is why the Supreme Court should rule in favor of the workers.

Resolution 72 and the Shrinking Political Opportunity Structure at Cornell

By Jon Levitan Published April 26, 2014

Here at Cornell, the Political Opportunity Structure is changing; recent measures have begun to place restrictions on groups' abilities to protest and, more importantly, have totally barred certain demands from being heard in the political sphere.

Obama's Overtime Overhaul: Much needed reform or the best he can muster?

By Jon Levitan Published March 23, 2014

President Obama has used an executive order to expand overtime pay for workers, but some debate remains over whether this move is sincere and effective reform or an acknowledgement that he doesn't have support for true reform.