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Catalonia Can't Have Its Cake and Eat It, Too

By Julie Gokhman Published November 8, 2015

Written by Julie Gokhman, 11/08/2015 Catalonian officials are calling for independence from Spain while still maintaining European Union membership. The autonomous region may be a big fish in a small pond right now, but secession is not a feasible solution for their complaints.

How to Un-Unite the United Nations: A Slap to Eleanor Roosevelt's Face

By Julie Gokhman Published October 2, 2015

By Julie Gokhman, 10/02/15 The recent appointment of Faisal Bin Hassan Trad, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the UN, to chair a panel of experts that heads the United Nations Human Rights Council, places the legitimacy of the organization itself in serious question. With this issue of the institution's authority, both states and global citizens must ask: what are the consequences of this fall from grace, does it really matter, and if it does, what can be done about it?

Taking on the Kremlin: It's Time for Something (Not So) Different

By Julie Gokhman Published March 13, 2015

The economic sanctions implemented by the United States and the European Union to punish Russia for its aggression towards Ukraine has caused more harm than good. A different policy, one brought back from the past, should be instituted in order to improve relations between the US and Russia and protect both Ukraine and other former Soviet states.