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As Weather Gets Colder, Health Risks in Ithaca Ignite

By Kaylin Greene Published November 8, 2013

The City of Ithaca prides itself on being a unique place where residents can engage liberally in their chosen lifestyles and philosophies without fear of government repercussion. It is a place of acceptance and environmental awareness. However, smoke pollution from domestic woodburning damages the quality of life for many residents. Given that the city signed a resolution for the Clean Air Act in November, 2012, it would be in their best interest to live up to their promise.

Pedestrian Safety on Campus Should be Prioritized

By Kaylin Greene Published September 30, 2013

Students at Cornell are at risk for traffic accidents, especially in congested areas, and during peak traffic time between classes. According to an article published by United Press International, Cornell experienced 37 personal-injury accidents involving motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists in 2012. CUPD and students should consider other alternatives to improving student traffic safety on campus.

Cyberphobia: Is the Internet a Healthcare Tool or a Healthcare Hindrance?

By Kaylin Greene Published May 1, 2013

Medical information is becoming readily available online. Some say that online medical forums and web searches are good resources for medical professionals and patient education. In order to avoid issues pertaining to information misuse and misdiagnosis, people should not rely on the internet as anything more than a basic tool for general information.