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The Quiet Rise of the “China Solution” and the Threat it Poses to the Current World Order

By Kevin Zong Published February 21, 2019

The chronicles of Huawei's adventurism in 5G technology in Europe are the latest in a series of moves that seek to assert China as a new global leader, setting forth the "China Solution", an alternative to the Western liberal world order. The White House must take note and offer a response unless it is willing to concede to a country with an increasingly-influential authoritarian regime.

Despite International Outrage, Saudi Arabia Will be Just Fine

By Kevin Zong Published November 15, 2018

The premeditated killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has dominated international news cycles for weeks, putting Saudi Arabia under the microscope for its cover-up of the killing, its brutal war campaign in Yemen, and the Crown Prince’s power grab. Yet, despite the overwhelming pressure and negative attention the nation currently faces, it is unlikely that Riyadh will experience many long-term impactful consequences.

Trump is Learning that He Needs the International Community. But is it Too Little Too Late?

By Kevin Zong Published May 6, 2018

As President Trump sits on the brink of an all-out trade war with China, he has quickly realized that facing the behemoth that is the Chinese economy alone is foolish, leading him to attempt to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Understandably, resentment and doubt may prevent a happy reunion, but the greater question remains at stake: Has President Trump's isolationist rhetoric and rash action cost the United States its ability to find success on a global stage? At this point, it's likely the disarray in the White House has doomed the U.S. to fend for itself for the foreseeable future.