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Does Money Still Matter?

By Kyle Oefelein Published April 15, 2016

Many of the top donors in the GOP have united in order to keep Mr. Trump from winning the nomination outright. However, is this an occasion in U.S. politics where money really won't make a difference?

The Evolving Right to Privacy

By Kyle Oefelein Published February 25, 2016

Recent events have brought the issue of privacy front and center in american politics. With the passing of Justice Scalia, the future of american privacy seems more murky than ever.

Super PACs: A Growing Influence

By Kyle Oefelein Published November 11, 2015

The approaching 2016 election is poised to further explore the far reaching implications of the Supreme Court's decision regarding campaign finance policy. As super PACs continue to change the landscape of an election, it becomes increasingly important for voters to be cognizant of the money behind the candidate.