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A New Outlook for Google

By Lorenzo de Simone Published April 24, 2014

Google's first-quarter earnings released this week surprised many on Wall Street. After traditionally gushing out profits, the tech giants have currently struggled to retain this momentum and are now being accused of 'binge buying', buying that has little to do with its core business of Internet search and advertising. The company has however also found new revenue steams and has intensified its innovative efforts.

China's Shadow Banking Crisis

By Lorenzo de Simone Published April 10, 2014

In the aftermath of the European economies sovereign debt crisis and the global financial crisis that severely damaged the United States economy, which is still today struggling to regain full employment, attention has now shifted towards China and the potential of a serious financial fallout.

What Happened to the Brazilian Boom?

By Lorenzo de Simone Published October 13, 2013

Brazil has been at the forefront of growth in a period where major economies have stagnated. However, recent unease due to a sluggish economy suggests that government reform must take place in order for Brazil to relive the period of 'economic miracle'.