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Boehner's Big Moment

By Lucas Berger Published March 14, 2015

Speaker John Boehner has a great opportunity this term to establish Republican policy and assert his party's power. But can he successfully unite a divided party and fight off President Obama, or will his status as a leader collapse under increased pressure?

Obama's Proposal Could Spell End For Government Corporate Handout

By Lucas Berger Published February 18, 2015

Publicly funded stadiums, which are used entirely for private purposes, are a drag on local economies. President Obama is trying to end this practice in his proposed budget, and he may find some unlikely allies across the aisle.

Minimum Wage Driving Elections

By Lucas Berger Published November 9, 2014

Raising the minimum wage has become a crucial debate in the Midterm elections, providing a respite from the usual smear campaigns and possibly paving the wave for future changes.

Will the Midterm Elections Bring Doom for the Democratic Party?

By Lucas Berger Published October 20, 2014

With midterm elections fast approaching the Democratic Party is in danger of losing its majority in Senate, which would make it extremely difficult for President Obama to have a productive final two years of his presidency.

The End of Television as We Know it?

By Lucas Berger Published April 26, 2014

A Supreme Court Case that is expected to be ruled on sometime this summer could mark the end of major network televisions we know it.

Food Stamps and Federalism

By Lucas Berger Published March 23, 2014

State governments across the nation are refusing to give in to government spending cuts on food stamps, and how Congress reacts will say a lot about the current state of federalism in the United States.

Americans' Interest Is a Roadblock in Transportation Reform

By Lucas Berger Published October 31, 2013

We have all, at one time or another, bemoaned the fact that traveling such an essential part of our daily lives, is so difficult. What is strange, however, is that our complaints usually end with us slamming our horns and yelling at no one in particular. If you were to ask the average American what issues they think the government needs to take care of transportation would probably be very low on that list. Why is this the case?

Immigration: The Right Topic at the Wrong Time

By Lucas Berger Published October 15, 2013

On Wednesday October 3rd the House Democratic leaders will present new a proposal that aims to replace the current immigration system in the United States. The legislation looks a lot like what was drawn up by the famed "Gang of Eight" and passed, in a rare bipartisan agreement, by the Senate in June.