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Smokefree Housing: A Public Health Necessity Blocked by Implementation Challenges

By Lucy Arnold Published October 31, 2013

In July 2009, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a notice to all HUD regional directors, coordinators, and public housing directors, breaking decades of silence on a public health issue that had reached broad consensus many years earlier. The notice stated HUD's new policy on smoking in public housing communities; while HUD was not banning smoking, the notice "strongly encourages Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to implement non-smoking policies in some or all of their public housing units."

Mandatory Ultrasounds: Chipping Away at Roe v. Wade

By Lucy Arnold Published May 1, 2013

This winter, Indiana lawmakers proposed S.B. 371, a measure intended to shut down a Planned Parenthood clinic by tightening regulations for abortion providers, among other anti-abortion provisions. One of the most controversial of those provisions, which was later removed due to outrage that gained national attention and threatened the successful passage of the bill, would have required abortion providers to perform an ultrasound upon a woman seeking an abortion.