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Furthering Nationalist Values Rather than Liberating Minds

By Lydia Holley Published January 1, 2017

Although education is frequently portrayed as the gateway to opportunity and equality, most education systems fall far from this ideal. The US' current treatment of history as well as Poland's impending changes to the history curriculum both demonstrate that nationalistic tendencies of governments infuse public education with fallacious interpretations of history and vocationally-oriented coursework, creating students that think less freely due to biased information and courses meant to prepare them for the job market.

Let's Talk about Race... Uncomfortable Yet?

By Lydia Holley Published April 15, 2016

Politics is becoming an increasingly divided playing field. With Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on the other, the American people continue to see polarized viewpoints and shouting across what appears to be a soundproof wall. However, conversations surrounding politics are not the only ones which devolve into divisive, ad hominem attack filled arguments on a regular basis. Discussions about race frequently take on a similar shape.