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Construction to Begin on Elon Musk's Hyperloop Test Track

By Marc Alessi Published November 8, 2015

The future is here and Elon Musk has done it again. Recently the Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced that Musk's proposed hyperloop system would become a reality with the construction of a test track. While the construction will last 32 months, the end product could revolutionize travel and propel our modern civilization into a new age dominated by autonomous travel.

Ending the Plastic Crisis with the Use of Orange Peels

By Marc Alessi Published October 11, 2015

Take your orange out of your backpack and step back and admire it in awe. There it is. The solution to our plastic crisis. Confused? Don't be. Researchers in the United Kingdom are working on a solution to make our high plastic use more sustainable and healthier for the environment. The answer lies within the extraction of a hydrocarbon found within orange peels. If we continue to advance extraction techniques, we may be able to one day make a sizeable amount of plastic from our orange peels, bringing to an end our reliance on crude oil for plastic.

The Apple Car: Rumor or Reality?

By Marc Alessi Published March 11, 2015

Macintosh, the iPhone, the iPod, and… the iCar? Reports rumor that Apple may be joining the automobile industry in style. And the best part: Apple has yet to deny these rumors. People have speculated that the new product could be run on an electric battery, connect easily with your smartphone, or even drive itself. Whatever the case may be, the rumor is enough to dream about a new era of the automobile industry, and with Apple's help, fast forwarding civilization into the future.

Two-Dimensional Graphene May Revolutionize Solar Power Technology

By Marc Alessi Published February 18, 2015

The solar power industry may undergo a large scale revolution. It's already the fastest growing energy source, and now, with new advancements in technology, solar power could be twice as effective as pre-2015 energy technologies. If this new technology is pursued, a sudden shift in the way a civilization harnesses energy would occur, drastically reducing pollution levels from fossil fuel consumption and ending humanity's contribution to global climate change.

The Future of an Urbanized World: Smart Cities

By Marc Alessi Published November 9, 2014

The dawn of a new era is upon us. Technology is reshaping our lives in ways we would have never imagined before. And now, with the help of data analysis and state of the art sensors, technology has impacted the infrastructure of cities. Smart cities are now popping up around the world; some from scratch, others developing by renovating today's bustling cities. Soon, smart cities will become the norm, with technology leading the way.

Advancements in Weather Forecasting Pave the Way for more Renewable Energy

By Marc Alessi Published October 24, 2014

Renewable energy sources were once inefficient and not nearly as cost-effective as energy coming from burning fossil-fuels. However, recent advancements in weather forecasting technology have allowed for the improved efficiency and production of renewable energy sources. This technology will continue to improve and help renewable energies expand in the coming years.