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An Exodus with no Destination

By Marc Getzoff Published October 2, 2015

The improvised responses by European leaders towards the Syrian refugee crisis has revealed the inability and nativity the European governments hold towards humanitarian crises.

Why Have Enemies, When You Can Have Friends?

By Marc Getzoff Published November 9, 2014

The United States faces extremely difficult options in Iraq and Syria. However, the ideology that centers on targeting groups as "enemies" rather than attempting to find reliable allies is one that continues to harm U.S, interests and will not help to end the conflict.

Protests in Hong Kong, a Chance for Civil Rights

By Marc Getzoff Published October 24, 2014

The recent protests in Hong Kong have only signaled much of what is to come. In order to promote civil rights and democracy, the United States must come to the aid of the protesters and must prevent the Chinese government from silencing them without consequence.

Egypt's Backwards Fall into Oppression

By Marc Getzoff Published April 21, 2014

Despite having been heralded for its largely peaceful overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt seems to be slipping back into a crevasse of oppression and violence. The U.S's foreign policy and geopolitical goals must be re-evaluated in light of the most recent news.

A New Cold War or a Game of Chess?

By Marc Getzoff Published March 17, 2014

Russia's assertion of regional dominance in the Ukraine has reached a climax that leaves it up to the U.S to respond. After losing their support of Ukraine, Russia has moved to assert its regional dominance and has left the U.S to decide whether it will play this game of Chess of start a new Cold War.

The Boom and Bust of the Technology Sector: When and When not to mess with the big boys

By Marc Getzoff Published November 3, 2013

The massive expansion of the technology sector in the developed world has been nothing short of extraordinary. Large technology corporations such as Apple and Microsoft produce products that are commonplace worldwide and have revenues that can compete with the top businesses in the world. What is often most shocking about these technology firms is that they usually start from practically nothing and become so large they face charges of creating monopolies on their respective industries such as Microsoft with computer software.

The Economic Horror of Our Current Predicament

By Marc Getzoff Published October 13, 2013

Economic uncertainty, a looming debt crisis and a divided government that is currently not working (literally!). Those words have often characterized regimes and nations that have fallen into economic calamity. One example is Russia in 1998 as it defaulted on its debt amidst inflation and government division. Today, we find ourselves describing the United States of America with those very words.