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The Eye of the Tiger

By Matthew McGee Published March 13, 2015

Since winning the presidential election in late January, Maithripala Sirisena has pledged to usher in a wave of reforms. However, despite stepping down from the presidency, the ousted president Mahinda Rajapaksa has publicly questioned the legitimacy of the elections and has announced his running for prime minister. With the outcome of reforms and the reactions of Rajapaksa's supporters to his ouster uncertain, the U.S. should be cautious in its devolving of aid management to the Sri Lankan government.

Terrorism and Trade: China's Future in Central Asia

By Matthew McGee Published November 9, 2014

To help maintain regional stability as well as to increase its regional presence, China is planning to create a network of trade routes across Asia and Europe, in addition to giving significant aid to Afghanistan. However, opening up western China may prove to be a double edged sword that, though bringing in increased trade money, may also exacerbate already high ethnic tensions in the region and lead to more violence.

Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place: How to Combat ISIL

By Matthew McGee Published October 13, 2014

Despite frequent airstrikes by US and other coalition members against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria and Iraq, it appears little to no progress is being made in pushing back ISIL forces. Meanwhile, despite having forces on the border and facing an imminent threat should the strategic town of Kobani fall, Turkey for now seems content to wait for two enemies, ISIL and Kurdish forces, which it sees as terrorists, fight each other. In the process, it is preventing the increased intervention that is needed in order to stem the growth of ISIL. In order to protect Turkish security as well as significantly turn the tide against ISIL, greater action must be taken immediately.